Best Storage Options for Pre-Prepared Meals

Storage Options - Blueberries in Container

Storage Options - Blueberries in Container


The variety of pre-prepared meals being managed by people each day has grown vastly in recent times.

From kids bringing their lunches to school, to professionals bringing cooked or ready-to-eat lunches into work, the popularity of the pre-prepared meal has never been so popular.

Nonetheless, there exists a lack of knowledge concerning the proper storage options for those pre-prepared meals and snacks.

Ask 100 workers what sort of containers they use for their meals and the overwhelming majority will say a plastic container of some sort. Often this can be perfectly fine, however too many people are unaware of the risks that some plastic containers may present.

Have you ever ever been advised to not drink water from a plastic bottle that has been left out in the sun all day? The issue there is that plastic containers can leak certain chemicals into the foods they’re storing. Sure, some actions can exacerbate the situation, like direct exposure to sunlight,even using these containers in the microwave. While a small market of plastic containers that are free from these leaky chemical substances does exist, they’re neither common nor commonly used.

So what are alternative storage options? Should we just simply stop preparing meals in advance? No way! Thankfully other storage options exist, and they’re simple enough to implement.

Many inexpensive and durable glass and Pyrex containers can be found in lots of stores, and although they’re a bit heavier than their plastic counterparts, they provide peace of mind that your meals and those of your children won’t contain dangerous substances leached from plastic containers.

Another option is to tote your meals in a ceramic bowl, lined in cling wrap or aluminum foil. Similar to the glass container option, these will ad a little extra weight, but there’s no risk of contamination or exposure to dangerous chemicals.

In the end, you shouldn’t be dissuaded by the danger of contamination from plastic containers. The warnings are there to not scare you into dropping their healthy habits, but rather to ensure awareness of the potential risks With the proper storage choices, you needn’t fear at all!

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