Is it Dangerous for Children to go on the Paleo Diet?

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strawberry close up

It may be surprising to note that this is one of the most common questions regarding the Paleo diet.

On some level, it is actually a little amusing that parents will worry about putting their children on a diet that is wholesome and healthy and yet have no qualms letting their child guzzle a soda that has a whole bunch of chemicals listed as the ingredients.

The Paleo Diet is Fantastic for Children and Adults Alike

We live in a society where obesity among kids is skyrocketing because of poor food choices, irresponsible food companies that are all out to make a quick buck and of course, a sedentary lifestyle.

The Paleo diet does not allow the consumption of sugar, artificial additives, grains, processed foods, dairy and unhealthy industrial seed oils. All these ingredients are toxic in the long run and cause a whole host of health problems that most people are not aware of.

By putting your child on the Paleo diet, you will be eliminating most of these harmful substances from his or her diet. It will do wonders for their health and the chances of them being obese will be very slim. Pun fully intended.

Now, it’s not the diet that is dangerous. Dealing with your child’s compliance will be the most difficult part of getting them to be on the Paleo diet. Children like to emulate their peers and when they see all their buddies eating jellies, guzzling sodas, burying their French fries in chocolate and eating them; your kid is going to be tempted and give in to peer pressure.

This is normal and nothing to be alarmed about. There is no doubt that as a parent, you will need to have a high degree of forbearance. Don’t make it regimental as that will be a surefire way to turn them off Paleo and make them rebel.

You as an adult will understand the health consequences but in most cases, children will just not see it. You can’t blame them. The majority of adults would rather make bad food choices than eat healthy.

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What you can take solace in, is the fact that the child will probably have 2 meals at home. These 2 meals can be Paleo and it will still be beneficial to them. As the kid gets older, he or she will have to decide if they wish to make Paleo a lifestyle choice.

Most probably will because it will be much easier since they are used to eating Paleo meals. The sacrifice of unhealthy foods will not seem so great. In most cases, children on the Paleo diet will be slim, active and fitter than their overweight peers. This will be an added confidence booster and they will have a healthy self-image.

As parents, if you constantly drum it into their impressionable young minds that the Paleo diet is responsible for their glowing health and energy, they will grow up fully aware that every time they eat or drink, they’re either fighting disease or feeding it.

Since the Paleo diet is suitable for both sexes and age is not really a factor, children can eat the same meals as parents with no ill-effects. There is no need to specially prepare any Paleo meals to cater young children, even if they are fussy eaters.

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