Are You Getting Enough Fruits and Vegetables Every Day?

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables


Most of us grew up listening to our parents and teachers telling us that we should be eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Advertising has even used the slogan “One of your 5 a day” for branded foodstuffs often being slapped on an item that can’t realistically be considered either a fruit or vegetable.

Yet, in adulthood, we often forget our childhood lessons. Not many folks doubt that fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamins and minerals, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re actually eating enough of them.

Although there is not a complete consensus among academics concerning exact amounts, but the current recommendations seem to advocate that an adult have 5 servings of vegetables and up to 2 servings of fruit each day. That may initially sound like a lot, but it’s really not that much when you break it down. In fact, it’s a pretty reasonable standard to go by.

With breakfast, most folks will stick with what they know and what they’re used to.

This usually means some sort of cereal, toast, or even just a cup of coffee. Whether or not breakfast really is most important meal of the day may be up for debate, however there’s is no doubt that having a good breakfast can prepare your body for the day ahead. Few people consider having fruit at breakfast, when it could easily be a staple. Switching out a bowl of sugary cereal for a banana or a bowl of berries could make a giant difference in your diet.

Lunch is a fantastic time to load up on some veggies.

Again, all people will too often repeat the same mistake(s) they make with breakfast. Sandwiches and rolls from the local deli might be tasty, but they’re also packed full of processed carbs and quite calorie dense, never mind the fact that they often contain very small amounts of vegetables. Switching out the sandwich for a homemade salad, for example, can be the perfect way to get a better balance in your diet.

Vegetables also make great snacks.

Toss the bag of popcorn, the chips, or the chocolate bar to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner. Instead, grab some veggies, a piece of fruit, or maybe even a fruit and veggie smoothie.

These are just a few small changes you can make with your diet, but these little alterations can work wonders for your health. Fruit and vegetables are easy to prepare, taste great, and pack a whole ton of nutritional punch like no processed food can. Are you getting your daily 5 servings of vegetable and up to 2 servings of fruit?

What are your favorite ways to get more fruits and veggies in your diet? Let us know in the comments below.

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