Getting Your Family on Board with Paleo

on board with Paleo

on board with Paleo


One of most challenging things about making lifestyle changes is getting your family on board.

Saying “goodbye” to your old comfort foods and dealing with the cravings during those first couple of weeks can be hard. If your family isn’t joining you on your Paleo journey, you might find non-Paleo foods appearing in the house, even after you’ve prepared your kitchen. And the last thing you need is the added temptation of having craving-inducing foods at home.

Here’s a few tips to help out on your mission to get your family on the Paleo bandwagon.


Meal Planning

When you’re planning your meals and preparing grocery lists, try recipes that are similar those foods that your family already likes. A Paleo-friendly dish that closely resembles a family favorite is far more likely to go over well than a new recipe.

Encourage¬† your family to get involved picking out new dishes to try. When they fell empowered in the decision-making process, both kids and adults are more likely to be willing to try new things. If you do decide to try out a new recipe, experiment with it on yourself before making it for a family dinner. This’ll give you time to make any required adjustments to the preparation and ingredients, as well as a chance to figure out whether or not you even like the dish yourself!



Once your meal plan and grocery list is ready to go, you can still get some help from your family. Bring the kids or your spouse with you and let them get involved. The engaged they are in each step of the process, the more interested they’re likely to be in the final result. Give them a general idea of the types of foods that they need to find, and let them take the reins.

With the kids (and some of the adults, too!), you can even make a game out it. With older children, give them each a piece of the shopping list. You can even offer a prize to whomever returns first with everything on their list. With younger kids, try giving them a small choice and allowing them to take their time choosing for themselves. Ask them to choose three types of meat and a fruit of every color and see what they come up with.

By making grocery shopping fun and engaging, the whole family gets more involved and interested in their meals the ingredients that go into them.



Let your kids help with dinner prep. This can be a little scary for some parents, but kids usually enjoy experiment and generally like getting their hands dirty. If they’re old enough, you can each prepare the same dish next to one another. Not only will they feel empowered from making their own dinner, you’ve got a backup dish on hand if you need it. Otherwise you can freeze the extra dish and save yourself the work on another day!


Embracing a new lifestyle can be hard, but it can be much easier to do with the support of your family.

Does your family eat Paleo, too? Are they at least on board with your Paleo lifestyle? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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