Reasons to Eat Local and Seasonal Foods

Fresh and Seasonal Produce - Fruit Market

Local and Seasonal Foods - Fruit Market


We’re often told that eating seasonally is good thing to do, however we’re not often told why.

Take a look at any restaurant menu and they’ll proudly boast about their “Seasonal Fruits” dessert, or go in to any grocery store and check out their seasonal greens. Native, seasonal foods are all about, but so many folks don’t understand why it’s important and why we should care. When choosing foods, there are generally three essential factors that influence our decision to select one food over another: cost, taste, and health benefits.

Let’s look at these factors with respect to local, seasonal foods.



By their very nature, seasonal foods are cheaper than those that are out of season.

It’s easy to understand why, too. First, there’s scarcity of the item due to it not being in season (at least locally). If it is available elsewhere, there are now transportation and storage costs to consider. Consequently, the price of seasonal produce is almost always cheaper than products which is out of season for the local area.

This alone should be a strong incentive to buy seasonally. There are big financial savings available by merely being conscious of what’s in season and in abundant supply.

Local and seasonal foods usually costs less.



Interesting, this is linked to the cost element above.

Generally, food is most flavorful when it’s most fresh, and in-season product will undoubtedly be at its freshest as compared to imported produce. When product needs to travel long distances to reach it’s final destination, it’s typically picked early, before it’s had a chance to properly riped. Instead, the product “ripens” while in transit. While the product is technically ready to eat when it arrives, it never developed the same depth and richness of flavor that locally ripened produce has.

Local and seasonal foods taste better.


Health Benefits

You likely know the answer at this point, but let’s talk about it anyway.

A balanced diet consists of unrefined and fresh foods that haven’t been processed or otherwise tampered with. Local and seasonal foods are precisely what you’re on the lookout for. Grown on a local farm just up the road and completely unprocessed, local and seasonal foods provide the greatest nutrient density as compared with their imported counterparts. Another benefit is that consuming seasonally ensures that your diet sees a wide variety of foods all year long!

Local and seasonal foods convey more health benefits.


When you think about all of those advantages, it’s difficult to understand why anyone wouldn’t include local and seasonal focus in their diet.

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