Are There any Tasty Paleo Desserts?

Paleo dessert fruit plate

Paleo dessert fruit plate

You’d better believe there are!

One of the fundamental rules of following a Paleo diet is that sugar is a serious NO-NO. This one rule scares off many people from even trying it in the first place.

“How on Earth am I to go without sugar?”… “Whaaat! No sugar??? You’ve gotta be nuts!”

That’s typically how most folks will react. People love their sugar and letting it go can be a difficult thing to ask.

One reason many balk at the notion of dropping sugar is they’re not aware of the alternative options. They just see the main sacrifices that they’re going to be making. The cookies, candies, ice creams, cocktails, and so on, have all changed into things now out of reach. The comfort foods of their youth are no longer available.

But don’t panic!

As a Paleo dieter, you absolutely have choices. There are lots of Paleo recipe books that focus on creating tasty and healthy desserts while still sticking with the core Paleo principles.

Maple syrup, coconut oil, almond flour, and lots of natural and healthy ingredients can be used to make all sorts of tasty desserts, such as shakes, brownies, and smoothies. Additionally, many fruit juices can be frozen on a stick and make great popsicles, likely even better than some of the frozen desserts you’d find in stores. The big difference is that your homemade frozen Paleo dessert will be made from real fruit instead of being some lab-created concoction.

Numerous desserts such as cookies and brownies, as well as many other comfort foods, can be made while still sticking with the paleo diet. You simply have to know what ingredients can be substituted to adjust to the Paleo requirements. To be able to do that, will probably be necessary to perform a little research and check out the recipes.

It could take a little while before you’ve got the hang of things, however as soon as you’re able to whip up tasty Paleo-friendly desserts, you’ll never worry about reneging on your commitment to the Paleo diet just because your sweet tooth was acting up. For many folks, simply chopping and keeping some pineapples or strawberries in the fridge serves as a quick and easy dessert.

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It can’t be argued that while Paleo desserts can certainly be delicious, it might take some time for some folks to adapt to Paleo desserts. This is totally understandable. Depending on when you made the change to Paleo, you’ve likely been eating treats made with refined sugar for years.

It’s going to take time to adapt, however if you’re able to stay the course and make the switch to Paleo desserts, within a few weeks or so, you’ll likely find that your cravings so much that you won’t even miss sugary snacks.

Once you’re at this point, you can congratulate yourself on a job well done. You’ll have made it over what is perhaps the most difficult hurdle: conquering sugar cravings.

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