What All Paleo Meals Should Have

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what all paleo meals should have - breakfast


One of the greatest things about the Paleo approach is how freeing it can be. There’s no counting points, you don’t really have to watch carbs, and you certainly don’t have to starve yourself.

Unlike so many of the other diets and healthy eating approaches that demand a major transition, going Paleo is simple and easy. But most importantly eating Paleo can be fun! You just need to make sure every meal is built properly.

So, what elements should all Paleo meals have?



So many of us are starved for protein and we don’t even know it. We often figure that the reason we can’t shake off that unwanted fat is because we’re not working out enough or doing enough cardio. The fact is that being active is important and does play a major part in your health and the way that you look. But as important as this is, getting enough protein is more important.

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In addition to helping you feel full for longer, protein also helps to build new muscle, particularly if you’re engaged in a strength training program. If you can’t seem to get rid of those unwanted pounds check how much protein you’re getting. A good guideline is to get up to 35% of calories from protein.


Good Fats

Believe it or not, healthy fats help you lose weight.

These fats don’t cling to your body, in fact they will help you to drop that unwanted weight quickly. Check out our post on Paleo-friendly fats and our other post on cooking oils for examples of good fats.


Good Carbs

We’ve had it drilled into us that “carbs” is a dirty word. We’ve been scared into believing that carbs are bad and that we shouldn’t be eating them. In actuality, it isn’t carbohydrates themselves that are the problem, it is the highly-refined carbs from processed foods that is the problem.

Vegetables are a healthy carbs source. These are the kind of carb source that are nutrient dense and calorie light. They’re going to keep insulin levels in check while they make energy for your body to keep you fueled all day long.


So there you have it. The rules are simple. Make sure that every meal you eat has a decent amount of protein, healthy fats, and unprocessed carbs, and you’ll be well on your way to Paleo success.

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