Why Paleo

why Paleo

why Paleo


Wherever you look you’ll find approaches to getting healthy and eating clean. From supplements to diets to training programs, there’s never a shortage of people telling you how to improve your health and fitness. With so many choices out there, how do you even begin your selection process?

One thing to consider is whether or not you can fit it into your lifestyle. Something that will help move you towards a healthy life without going too far out of your current comfort zone. Getting healthy means you’re making lifestyle changes; if you try to rush that change you’re doomed to fail.

Getting healthy means you're making lifestyle changes; if you try to rush you're doomed to fail. Click To Tweet

This is one reason that so many people find success with the Paleo diet. Yes, going Paleo means that you’ll be making major changes with your relationship with food. But unlike many diets that require a lot of time in the kitchen using expensive ingredients you’ve never heard of, Paleo dieters can make the transition to a healthier life more slowly, giving them a greater chance at successfully changing eating habits permanently.

In fact, many of the things that aren’t permitted with the Paleo diet are probably things you shouldn’t be eating anyway: Junk/fast food, artificial ingredients, and processed foods are all things that can shorten your lifespan, not to mention leaving you sick and overweight. Yes, these things are on the Paleo no-no list, but let’s be honest here. Any diet that would advocate you eat things that are known to be bad for your body is probably a diet that you want to avoid.

There are other things you’ll have to give up that might be tough to lose. For example, grains are a no-no with the Paleo diet. This means no more lunch subs and breakfast bagels. On the up site, because the Paleo diet has gained a lot of popularity in recent times you can usually find things like Paleo-friendly (or at least acceptable) bread and Paleo-friendly mayonnaise in the health food section of your local grocery store. If you’re lost on what to look for, there’s many active, Paleo-focused online communities that are always happy to have someone new join their flock.

Perhaps the biggest drive for people to start the Paleo diet comes from the fact that meat is permitted. Despite reports that paint meat in a bad light, the reality is that meat has been a staple in our diet for thousands of years and can be one of the best foods we can eat. With the Paleo approach, you’re encouraged to keep meat as a staple in your diet.

At the end of the day, even though you’ve got a ton of important things going on in your life, without your health, nothing else really matters. And that’s the best thing about the Paleo diet. Is that is can help restore and maintain health.

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